The Ultimate Guide to Professional Gifting Etiquette

Gifts, on the other hand, comes with no expectation of return. It is given freely.

To avoid the perception (or the accidental enactment) of a bribe, just remember to ask for nothing in return.

If you're using promotional gifts to grow your brand, send your merchandise to the other business, maybe include a note about who you are and what your brand is.

As the good folks over at That's Caring says, "Do: Keep your company in their mind," but also, if you put incentives in place for them to hire you out or purchase from you, make sure they're business appropriate. When sending a gift, including a special deal is usually okay, provided it's totally pro bono.

When you send a gift, avoid language that says or implies, "This is what I can do for you." This can be

Instead, give a gift that just kind of says, "Here's what we're about," and leave it at that.

Don't flatter, don't beg, don't bribe.

Honestly, it's good to give promotional gifts with some of your branded items (our luxury pens with custom clip emblems make great branded items) just to keep yourself honest.

You can't be so vice-gripped on your profits and miss how much of your success is based on the goodwill of others.

Giving gifts helps your business stay in the mindset of trust-oriented behavior rather than profit-at-all-costs kinds of behavior.

The long-term benefits of giving promotional gifts to both other businesses and clients because it will inevitably grow your brand recognition.

I've written an article on the benefits of gift-giving between businesses that explores the full and practical potential of promotional merchandise.

Brand recognition is the big benefit with the widest-reaching long term effects.

But giving a gift also establishes trust in your brand with potential clients.

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